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What our students say

“Since being a student at CMI my musical and business knowledge has increased exponentially! Being lectured by some of the best in the industry has lead to various opportunities. I’ve also been exposed to performing more often on big stages and got to experience first hand what hard work and effort it takes to create and be part of big scale productions. I’ve grown a lot since I’ve started at CMI and I only expect to grow more in the future”.

Mario Julie

“During my two years at CMI I’ve learn about myself as an upcoming artist, the type of sound i want to produce and the type of person i want to be known as by the public. CMI has the ability to turn a dream into reality and as a vocalist ( Major) I am grateful that I have chosen this path of study. Songwriting, original music and recording has been few of the things I’ve always wanted to do and I have accomplished that there”.

Daylin Sass

“CMI helped me increase my confidence levels as a musician and has helped me expand my music business knowledge. I have been taught by incredibly talented lecturers / musicians who have performed with some of South Africa’s biggest artist and they are also huge inspirations. I’m confident that CMI will continue to mould me into the best musician that i could possibly be”.

Melissa Bowers

Accredited LCM Performance and Teaching Diplomas

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