CMI Background

Based in a previously disadvantaged community, the Cape Music Institute (CMI) found its origin. The Cape Music Institute provides a platform for, albeit not exclusively, previously disadvantaged individuals’ access to a formalized programme for music education. The programme developed by the school incorporates theoretical and practical education regarding all the various facets of the music industry both nationally and internationally.

It is the primary focus of CMI to develop sought after artists/students who exude a level of professionalism, integrity and skill that will allow students a sustainable vocation in their chosen field of music.

Our Vision  

To create a credible school of musical excellence that is globally recognized as accessible and affordable to all, producing sought after entrepreneurial minded graduates with integrity.

Our Mission   

CMI provides a pertinent and holistic form of eminence education for all, specifically to those from disadvantaged communities to enable all students to attain renowned level of professionalism, integrity and skill.

Founding Members

The director, Camillo Lombard, had first thought of taking on a project like Cape Music Institute (formerly Xulon Musictech) approximately ten years ago. Even though his parents could not afford the luxury of sending him to a music school despite not receiving any formal tertiary education in music, he is now a highly skilled jazz pianist. In spite of these obstacles, Camillo made his way onto the music scene and has toured with various bands to many countries worldwide. Through his experience, he started to notice the condition of the music scene in Cape Town and felt that there was a lot that needed to change – especially the preconception that musicians in Cape Town were known for being drug-users and alcoholics. Another area that Camillo notice was lacking was business and marketing skills. In a recent lecture at CMI, he spoke about how rare it is that musicians own the rights to their own music.

“I want this to change. Being a sober musician and having a good understanding of the business, I want to help the future generation of musicians to do the same by make better choices.

“This is my vision for all musicians.”

Ezra Delport has been a pioneer of the music industry in South Africa for many years. As a sound engineer, Ezra has toured the world with some of the most prominent musicians both locally and internationally. The walls in his office are filled with memorabilia and photographs from his many travels.

“I started thinking of ways to help future generations in the music business and of opening a music school over 30 years ago. My reason for this was simple.  Because I was a musician I wanted my son to be a musician.  So, by helping my son, I would automatically be helping the next generation of musicians by giving them the opportunities I didn’t have. Through music, I want this and future generations to learn that society can no longer hide from the past of apartheid but that they can no longer live in it now. I want to give the youth the opportunity to play.  And more importantly, I want to equip them with the skills they need to live life the best way possible. If I could do all this as a “coloured” man, then you can do it now.”

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