Admission Policy

All applicants who wish to enroll in the Music Industry Practice (MIP) or Sound Production(SP) programs must submit a complete application form to the admissions office of Cape Music Institute. Applicants whose completed application forms have been received will be scheduled for an audition in person before members of the audition panel.

Following auditions, selected applicants will be invited to meet with the panel for an interview.
NB! an interview does not guarantee admission to Cape Music Institute.


After the audition process, applicants will be notified on the outcome of their audition.
Final decision making will be made after the applicant has met with the financial officer, and all financial requirements have been explained and understood.

Part time classes contact the office for further information.

Download application forms for MIP and SP courses on the links below

CMI 2020 Application (Music)

CMI 2020 Application Form (Sound)

CMI Prospectus 2018

Audition Requirements

Learning assumed to be in place and recognition of prior learning
It would be desirable for learners wishing to access the MIP qualification to competent at:

  • Language and communication at NQF4 (Matric)
  • Basic knowledge of scales
  • Basic understanding of chosen instrument
  • Prepared song or piece to be played in the audition

It would be desirable for learners wishing to access the SP qualification to be competent at:

  • Language and communication at NQF4(Matric)
  • Basic knowledge of the term sound engineering
  • Basic sound mixing skills